AM/OM Yearly workshop cum learning journey

Administration Managers and Operation Managers provide important support and service in our schools. As part of our effort to acknowledge their work and contribution, the yearly workshops cum learning journeys have been organized to give our AMs and OMs an opportunity to recharge and renew themselves. We believe that wellness is important and that we need to take care of ourselves so that we can then take better care of others. Gathering together in this way also provides a platform for our AMs and OMs to connect with their fellow counterparts in other Catholic schools, to enjoy fellowship with one another and to have an informal exchange of ideas.

This year, the one-day workshop was held on 6 September 2019 at Agape Village and was attended by 21 AMs and OMs. The morning began with a session on Mental Wellness: Stress and Self-Care conducted by Rebecca Oh from CLARITY. This was an interactive session with inputs and self-reflection. Participants were given an insight into stress and the impact of stress. They were then taken through some techniques to manage stress and to make a personal self-care plan.


In the afternoon, the participants were introduced to Servant Leadership (serving with a heart), an alternative way of serving in schools. They were then taken through 2 aspects of Catholic Social Teaching – Human Dignity and Common Good – and to reflect on how these two teachings could guide them when working with their colleagues and students in school.

The afternoon ended with an interactive dialogue with Gerald Khong on Inter-religious respect and understanding in schools.


The feedback received was encouraging – the AMs and OMs found the sessions “good and insightful”, “useful and beneficial”, “a good place to interact”, and “worthwhile attending”.