Catholic Preschools’ educators take part in special Teachers Day celebrations

The inaugural combined Catholic Preschools Teacher’s Day celebration was held on 4 September 2015 at the Yio Chu Kang Grassroots Club from 9am to 2pm, attended by Preschool teachers and principals.

These 114 educators participated actively in games and dance activities organised by the staff of St Anne’s Church Kindergarten and Nativity Church Kindergarten.

Preschool Teachers Day 2015 5 Preschool Teachers Day 2015 7

Mrs Agnes Lee, a teacher at St Anne’s Church Kindergarten, was involved in the planning of the celebration. She saw this celebration as “an opportunity to celebrate each other’s calling to be a teacher”. “To me, it must be a meaningful get-together for us to rediscover the special qualities of a Preschool teacher. The feel-good activities allowed teachers to not only reflect on how they symbolise themselves [as an educator], but at the same time, to affirm each other.”

A sense of community and belonging was experienced by teachers, with many commenting that they had arrived as strangers, but departed as one big family of Catholic Preschool educators.

Preschool Teachers Day 2015 1

A participant at the celebrations, also named Mrs Agnes Lee, said: “[it] was certainly a special and unique occasion where we had meaningful fun”. Mrs Lee, Principal of Holy Family Kindergarten, added: “I enjoyed [myself] most when we shared, learned from each other, sang, danced and played games together. I was tremendously inspired by the many creative events put up by the teachers.”

“I really enjoyed this opportunity of celebrating Teacher’s Day together where there was so much bonding and friendship made. We definitely had a time of our lives!”

Preschool Teachers Day 2015 2

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