Reconnect, Reflect and Refresh: AM & OM Day of Recollection at Agape Village

On 12 June 2018, ACCS organised a Day of Recollection cum Learning Journey for the Operations and Administrative Managers of Catholic schools here in Singapore. An annual event since 2010, the Day of Recollection (DOR) is in appreciation of the managers’ unique contribution to their respective schools and to the larger Catholic community, a platform for them to reconnect with each other and a chance for them to reflect and refresh themselves.

Mrs Dolly Chan, one of the two Liaison Manager of ACCS, shared that “it is very important for the managers to understand self-care, to remember their being, amidst the doing; to realise that they are not alone and that they can reach out to each other across the schools.”

The venue for the event this year was the Agape Village. “Having the DOR in AV this year exposes the managers to the works of the Catholic Church beyond the Catholic Schools and an opportunity to gain new perspectives and see a different aspect of work that the Catholic Church does beyond the area of education.” said Fr. Edward Seah, Spiritual Director, ACCS.

The establishment of AV brings together the network and expertise of 14 different Catholic social services and charities, offering holistic and integrated care to the community. Many of the participants were touched by the under-one-roof services and the inclusive outreach of the Catholic Church to the society.

The Day of Recollection was well-received. In the words of the participants:

“The many helping hands approach at Agape Village is important to nurture and empower the marginalized.”

“Our spirituality is very important to the work we do as we touch lives.”

“I have become more aware of the needs of others and am now more willing to accommodate the old and weak.”

“I will find quiet time to reflect and spend a day of quiet with the Lord.”

“I will take better care of myself by attending more of such workshops & gatherings, and expanding my networking.”