About ACCS

Working Team

Executive Director

Mrs Angela Ow

Tel: 6858 7081
Email: angela.ow@catholic.org.sg


Commission Secretariat and General Inquiries

Shirley Louis

Tel: 6858 7080
Email: shirley.louis@catholic.org.sg


Administration and Logistics

Raymond Lee

Tel: 6858 7087
Email: raymond.lee@catholic.org.sg

Project Officer for Catholic Schools

Merilyn Dasson

Tel: 6858 7083
Email: merilyn.dasson@catholic.org.sg


Liaison Manager

Dolly Chan

Tel: 6858 7089


Liaison Manager

Fang Swee Im

Tel: 6858 7089



Hilary Hoe

Tel: 6858 7080
Email: hilary.hoe@catholic.org.sg