Civics and Moral Education for Catholic Schools (CMECS)

The Civics and Moral Education for Catholic Schools (CMECS) programme incorporates MOE’s programmes developing students for life and taking a Catholic perspective. It builds upon the R3ICH Values, SEL competencies and the tradition of our Catholic schools in Singapore. The programme is carefully designed for all CME teachers and students in Catholic Secondary Schools.

The CMECS programme aims to promote the integral formation of the Human Person and to develop for the young person a more meaningful and purposeful life that leads to action animated by the presence of God.

CMECS Learning Outcomes:
  1. Manifest a growing interest in deepening self-awareness, social-awareness and spirituality; the capacity to reflect and understand the meaning and purpose of life;
  2. Develop a habit of reflection in daily life and respect in the way religion and culture are uniquely shared;
  3. Recognize personal dynamics of thinking, feeling and acting;
  4. Make responsible choices that promote life and up-hold the dignity of the human person; and
  5. Develop and sustain better relationships with self and others in society.
For more information, please download the Introduction to CMECS.