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CN Articles on Catholic Education


“Charting New Pathways, Serving with Love” – St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School
St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School (2020, Nov 15). Catholic News, p4

“Uplifting Students The Monfortian Way” – Assumption Pathway School
Assumption Pathway School (2020, Oct 18). Catholic News, p4

“Prayer For Our Catholic Schools”
Composed by His Grace Archbishop William Goh (2020, Sep 6). Catholic News, p2

“Celebrating Catholic Education in Singapore”
Contributed by ACCS (2020, Sep 6). Catholic News, p1

“Shaping Lives For Service To God And Nation” – St Gabriel’s Primary School
St Gabriel’s Primary School, (2020, Aug 23). Catholic News, p4

“A Catholic Educator’s National Day Wish”
Teng, P, (2020, Aug 9). Catholic News, p6

“From Boys to Men For Others”
Wong, W, (2020, Jul 26). Catholic News, p2

“Importance of a Catholic Education”
The Council of Catholic Schools’ Principals, (2020, Jun 28). Catholic News, p6

“Helping To Bring The Light Of Christ To Students”
Leow, L, (2020, Jun 14). Catholic News, p5

“Keeping The Catholic Spirit In SJI Alive” – St Joseph’s Institution
Patani, E, (2020, May 31). Catholic News, p5

“Helping Students to be Spiritually and Morally Strong Canossians” – Canossa Catholic Primary School
Ho, M, (2020, Apr 26). Catholic News, p4

“SJI’s Lenten Labour With An Environmental Flavour” – St Joseph’s Institution
Lee, F, Lim, E, (2020, Apr 26). Catholic News, p5

“Where Every Young Girl Will Feel Accepted, Loved and Understood” – St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School
Ho, P, (2020, Apr 12). Catholic News, p7

“Making Space For Contemplation” – CHIJ Katong Convent
Lenden, Y, (2020, Mar 20). Catholic News, p5

“Raising the Next Generation of Anthonians” – St Anthony’s Primary School
Yip, K, Heo, T, Sim, N, (2020, Feb 9). Catholic News, p8

“Walking In Faith Daily” – Marymount Convent School
Fernandez, L, and Robert, G, (2020, Jan 12). Catholic News, p5

“A Holistic Catholic Education”
Ang, P, (2020, Jan 12). Catholic News, p4

“Welcoming 6 New Principals To Catholic Schools This Year”
The Council of Catholic Schools’ Principals, (2020, Jan 1). Catholic News, p11


“School-Parish Project Bears Fruit” – St Theresa’s Convent
Ng, J, (2019, Dec 25). Catholic News, p10

“IJ Beacon A Call To Serve” – CHIJ Secondary School
CHIJ Secondary School, (2019, Dec 8). Catholic News, p5

“Helping Students Find Their Purpose In Life The Franciscan Way” – Hai Sing Catholic School
Hai Sing Catholic School, (2019, Dec 8). Catholic News, p4

“Courage To Lead Compassion To Serve” – Holy Innocents’ High School
Chua, C, and Lee, F, (2019, Nov 6). Catholic News, p10

“Turning What They Learn Into Action” – Assumption English School
Seah, R (2019, Oct 6). Catholic News, p4

“What’s So Good About Catholic Schools”
Seah, E (2019, Sep 22). Catholic News, p8

“Let’s Keep The Torch Burning For Catholic Education”
Wee, H (2019, Sep 8). Catholic News, p1

“Pastoral Letter: Finding Alignment In Our Catholic Schools”
Goh, W (2019, Sep 8). Catholic News, pp2-3

“Honoring Every Childs Uniqueness” – CHIJ Kellock
Chin, M (2019, Sep 8). Catholic News, p4

“Getting Our Pre-school Centres To Meet Challenges”
Ng, J (2019, Aug 11). Catholic News, p10

“Catholic School Education: 5 Essentials”
The Council of Catholic Schools’ Principals (2019, Aug 11). Catholic News, p11

“Communicating A Culture Of Faith In Schools”
The Council of Catholic Schools’ Principals (2019, Jul 14). Catholic News, p8