It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The Christmas light-up at Orchard Road signals the start of shopping frenzy for gifts, new clothes, decorations and the like. It is such an exciting period especially when you think of your loved ones and consider what gift they may want to receive this Christmas.

Hustle and bustle before Christmas
You pull your hair out as you get your Christmas shopping list ready. The excitement rises as you hunt for the perfect gift within your budget (a tremendous feat these days). Hour after hour spent in shopping malls. Aching feet from walking. Tired hands from checking potential gifts, carrying tons of items bought and wrapping them nicely. Decorating your home with fairy lights, Christmas trees and mistletoes. After going through these intense physical and mental exercises, you are a few hundred (sometimes thousand) dollars poorer. Sorry wallet.

On Christmas day, you sadly find yourselves exhausted. The “merry” in the typical greeting “Merry Christmas” seemed to have lost its meaning. Is there a better way to prepare for Christmas?

A meaningful way to prepare for Christmas
Our Church knows our struggles. That is why it designated the period before Christmas as the Advent season, a time to meaningfully prepare ourselves for Christmas. Although there are different ways to do this, one suggestion is to pick up a copy of the Advent reflection booklet from your parish or you can download a soft copy here.

Of course, doing your usual Christmas shopping and decorations will still be a part of your pre-Christmas celebration. But you will be surprised on how truly joyful your heart is on Christmas day. A little spiritual preparation works like magic.