Foundations for Sexuality Education

The following is an extract from the CMECS (Civics and Moral Education for Catholic Schools): Foundations for Sexuality Education Programme, created by the Family Life Society (FLS) in collaboration with ACCS.


The prevalent perspective on sexuality says “I am free to do what I want (with my body) provided I don’t hurt anyone” and “My body belongs to me (just like my handphone, my clothes, my computer, etc…)”. But this is not true for at least four reasons:

  1.  My body is me and I am my body: “Me” and “My Body” are like two layers of a rolled cake and they cannot be separated without breaking the entire cake. Neither of the two layers is closer to the core, the most intimate “me”, as they are wrapped together all the way to the centre. Ultimately, accessing the most intimate parts of my body means accessing the most intimate part of me. The intimacy of the body is the intimacy of the person. Saying ” our relationship is just physical” makes no sense.
  2. My body communicates with a language I cannot change: sex is always personal. The idea of separating intimacy of the body from intimacy of the person is floored also on another account: the body communicates with a language which is independent of our intentions, of our culture or social norms. Even if I said: “With this slap I meant to tell you “I love you”; the message received by the slapped cheek would not be one of love. Our body speaks for us with its own unchangeable language.
  3. What is personal must never be “used”: the sexual aspect of the body is always personal and intimate and communicates a personal and intimate union and must never be used as a means to other ends (i.e. sex for grades, prostitution);
  4. My decisions make me: my decisions not only change the world outside me but also change something in me that shape my character and the kind of persons I become.

Education is more than information about facts and consequences. To educate is to accompany persons in their development by providing skills to become better persons.


The full CMECS programme on Foundations for Sexuality Education for use with Sec 3 students can be obtained from ACCS. Workshops for teacher are also available (free of charge) at ACCS or in schools by mutual arrangement. Contact us for more details.