Walking With Jesus (WWJ)

The overall aim of the http://olcottplastics.com/?sjsl=colorbox,shopp,catalog,cart Walking With Jesus programme is:
  • for the Bible to come alive for primary school children;
  • for the students recognise Jesus speaking to them in his Word, and know of his desire for them to know him and to live with him; and
  • that the stories of the Bible become food for the children to live by later in life.
http://annabellakennels.com/pheasant-hunting/bellas-first-pheasant-hunt/attachment/bellasfirstpheasanthunt For more information, please download the Introduction to Walking With Jesus. watch http://jacksonfreeclinic.org/cropped-jfclogo-png/
Getting to Know Jesus
Jesus: Living Water, Bread of Life
Celebrating with Jesus
Journeying with Jesus
Jesus, Our Friend and Teacher
Jesus: the New Covenant